School Age


Funsteps is dedicated to the development, education and care of school age children during their out-of-school hours. Funsteps provides an environment for school age children to relax, enjoy the company of their friends, release some energy and unwind from their regular school day.

Funsteps Preschool and Childcare Center is located in the Christina School District and has district transportation to and from WILSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AND NEWARK CHARTER SCHOOL. If your child attends an alternate elementary school, transportation would need to be provided.


Classrooms and Environment

The large and cheery school age classroom is a safe place for school agers to learn and play. A wide range of interesting, enriching, and age appropriate materials are available for them to access providing children with daily opportunities to explore their creativity and foster and discover their unique abilities and interests.

Funsteps also has over an acre of playground space where school age children can run, swing, climb and play.



The teachers at Funsteps are attentive and knowledgeable and help our children reach their fullest potential one step at a time. Knowing that children’s social emotional health and physical development are essential to preparing them to be confident, creative and engaged lifelong learners, our teachers create an environment with a variety of experiences that support each child’s individual development. We encourage parental support and shared responsibility for children’s learning.


Curriculum and Materials

Our goal is to provide high quality learning experiences for all children in and out of school. By creating a variety of extended and enriching learning opportunities and care for school age children, we can help them apply their knowledge as well as acquire new skills and knowledge.


Funsteps Provides:

*quality care before & after school

*a safe & stimulating environment

*experienced & qualified teachers

*age appropriate recreational toys, games, books & materials including a Wii gaming system and arcade

*age appropriate educational toys, games, books & materials including computers and hands on activities and manipulatives

*various learning approaches such as teacher led instruction, hands on activities and experimental & discovery approaches to learning

*diverse experiences & activities that foster problem solving, teamwork, communication and social responsibility

*after school snack

*outside play


Funsteps also provides FULL DAY care when elementary schools are closed as well as FULL DAY SUMMER CAMP!


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