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Program Overview

From infants through school age, the programs at Funsteps are designed to nurture and inspire all children to play, explore, create, discover and learn! We provide daily enriching, recreational, and hands on activities and experiences in a nurturing and supportive learning environment. The center’s curriculum and developmental and educational goals for each age group at Funsteps Preschool and Childcare reflect Delaware’s Department of Education Early Learning Foundations for Infants, Toddlers, Preschool/Pre-K, and School Age as well as the Christina School District’s Preschool & Kindergarten Content Standards. We take pride in our safe, nurturing and stimulating classrooms and playgrounds that promote a variety of experiences that support children’s social, emotional, language, intellectual and physical development.



Infant Program

At Funsteps Preschool and Childcare, our babies are guided through their first “STEPS” toward a lifelong love of learning. Our 2 nurturing infant rooms provide our babies with a safe, loving and stimulating environment where they can play, explore, discover, grow and learn!

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Toddler Program

A toddler is naturally curious, energetic, loveable, happy and developing independence. They thrive on adult contact and interaction, respond excitedly to familiarities, and look for approval in new situations. At Funsteps Preschool and Childcare, we embrace these qualities and use what comes natural to toddlers to build upon their learning experiences and care for them each day. We provide a safe, loving, nurturing environment for children to explore and act on their curiosities. Our teachers and program are dedicated to enriching their lives and enhancing their language, social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

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Preschool Prep Two Year Old Program

A two year old child has the world at their fingertips. They are curious, energetic, becoming more expressive of thoughts and feelings, expanding their vocabulary and language skills, becoming more independent, beginning to socialize with their peers and developing an increased coordination of their motor skills while exploring and discovering the world around them. At Funsteps Preschool and Childcare, teachers provide them with a nurturing environment that embraces this growth and development so they can happily and safely play, explore, create, discover and learn.

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Preschool Three Year Old Program

The Funsteps Preschool Program starts with our focus on the whole child and their individual needs. Our goal within this program is to identify, build and develop each child’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical strengths and interests. This goal is achieved through the personal attention of our dedicated and qualified teachers, stimulating and developmentally appropriate preschool curriculum, and welcoming classroom environment that provides endless opportunities to explore and learn.

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Pre-K and K-Prep Programs

Funsteps Preschool & Childcare Inc offers 2 educational Kindergarten Readiness Programs - a four year old Pre-K class and a five year old K-Prep class. Both classes have a philosophy that children learn best through a combination of direct instruction of concepts and skills and hands on experiences in educational and discovery centers. It is within this child-friendly, stimulating environment that all children can play, explore, grow learn and prepare for Kindergarten.

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Before and After Care Program (School Age)

Funsteps is dedicated to the development, education and care of school age children during their out-of-school hours. Funsteps provides an environment for school age children to relax, enjoy the company of their friends, release some energy and unwind from their regular school day.

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Summer Camp

Funsteps Preschool and Childcare’s Summer Camp Program is designed to provide each child with a wide variety of educational and recreational experiences within the center and on field trips! Our summer learning plan builds upon their skills, interests and abilities while enriching their lives with new knowledge and opportunities to explore, create and grow.

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