Preschool Prep Twos


A two year old child has the world at their fingertips. They are curious, energetic, becoming more expressive of thoughts and feelings, expanding their vocabulary and language skills, becoming more independent, beginning to socialize with their peers and developing an increased coordination of their motor skills while exploring and discovering the world around them. At Funsteps Preschool and Childcare, teachers provide them with a nurturing environment that embraces this growth and development so they can happily and safely play, explore, create, discover and learn.


The Classroom & Environment

Our bright and cheery two year old classroom has a large carpeted area for our two year old children to enjoy music and movement, gross motor skill development, interactive teacher directed activities and free exploration with an abundance of age appropriate toys, books and activities. Our two year old classroom also has 2 separate table areas where the children eat snack and lunch, listen to and respond to stories, get creative with arts and crafts, and focus on hands on, educational learning activities. This classroom is specifically designed to meet the needs of our two year old children while creating a welcoming and positive learning environment for all to reach their fullest potential.

Funsteps has a large fenced in playground for our two year old children immersed with a variety of age appropriate toys and apparatuses for them to explore and enhance their gross motor skill development.



Each two year old teacher is certified in Infant/Child CPR and First Aid. They have specialized training in child development and early care and education. Each day, our teachers at Funsteps provide the children with a wide variety of experiences that support their growth, development and education. They plan and create many opportunities for “teachable moments” through play while engaging with the children in a positive, loving and stimulating atmosphere. Our teachers complete daily reports that provide parents with a detailed description about their child’s day.



The creative curriculum used for our 2 year class focuses on learning through direct instruction, play and exploration while assessing each child’s individual goals, progress and accomplishments. Supporting Delaware’s Department of Education Early Learning Foundations for Infants and Toddlers, our thematic curriculum promotes:

*comforting and loving adult interactions

*active exploration using all their senses

*hands on learning experiences

*social interaction

*fine and gross motor skill development

*development in enhanced language acquisition and expression

*discovery learning

*independent play


Developmental checklists and portfolios are shared with parents on their child’s growth and progress in reaching their developmental milestones throughout the year.


Daily Experiences that Support our Curriculum:

*arts and crafts

*music and movement

*dramatic play



*multi-sensory activities


*free exploration

*teacher directed instruction

*independent play

*story time

*table top activities for fine motor skill development including puzzles, play dough, blocks, sorting, nesting/stacking, legos, coloring and more

*language activities consisting of supportive verbal interaction with teachers, labeling & identifying pictures, objects and feelings, reading to and looking at books individually and in small groups, giving names to objects and experiences in the toddlers’ environment, and puppetry and finger play activities



Funsteps provides each 2 year old with their own:

*cubby to keep their personal belongings

*rest time mat

*AM and PM snack

*all needed utensils and paper products

*all the educational supplies and materials needed to implement Funsteps curriculum


Funsteps asks parents to provide:

*breakfast for their child each day if dropped off before 8:00am if necessary

*a nutritious bag/box lunch labeled with their name & condiments if needed

*2 changes of clothes to be kept in their cubby

*a crib size sheet and small blanket for rest time

*weather appropriate outdoor wear

*sunscreen (seasonal)


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